Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kindle Sample (My Thoughts): Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Cas Lowood is no ordinary guy - he hunts dead people.
People like Anna. Anna Dressed in Blood. A beautiful, murderous ghost entangled in curses and rage. Cas knows he must destroy her, but as her tragic past is revealed, he starts to understand why Anna has killed everyone who's ever dared to enter her spooky home.

Everyone, that is, except Cas...
~My Thoughts~

The sample starts of with Cas in the car with a ghost who he has purposely picked up while it was hitchhiking, Cas is a teenage ghost hunter just like his father was, his father has passed away and now it is just him and his mother they move from state to state to hunt dead people who are killing people that are still alive.

It is nice to read a YA novel from a teenage boys perspective for a change, Cas seems like a serious character determined to carry on with his fathers work. I like his mother who is a wiccan and tries to support Cas' work even though she is not in full agreement of it.

There was action straight from the get go so this is looking like a gripping read, the sample left of where Cas and his mother were moving state so he could hunt Anna, the sample does not go into detail about Anna at this stage.

I expect this book to be a good read so i will definitely be buying the full book. if you like YA and ghost stories then download the sample so you can see if it your cup of tea.

You can download the sample of Anna Dressed in Blood here

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